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Clayton, Washington

Sturdy Built Sheds, LLC

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   We will deliver your shed with a custom built trailer equipped with hydraulics that will allow us to place your shed efficiently and precisely in the spot you choose.

 One of the amazing features of this trailer is the sideway wheels built between the axles that allow Jon to move the trailer from side to side when maneuvering through tight spaces. The trailer is remote controlled so he can be anywhere around the building while operating the trailer. This gives him the ability to set the building precisely where you want it! We think you will be impressed at what he can do!!!

Have an extra tight spot with minimal space for getting the shed where you want it? Ask for “The Mule”. This amazing machine allows us to leave the truck on the road or in your driveway and basically drive just the shed to your location.

Also if you are concerned about the weight of a truck on your lawn or landscaping, the mule is a wonderful option for placing the shed even when there is lots of space to maneuver!


Clayton, Washington