Rent to Own Sheds
The Smart Alternative to Storage Units

Why rent a storage unit in town when you can have this shed in your backyard?

Storage Units in town

Why pay high storage costs in town when you can have
an attractive shed at your home?

Advantages of a Rent to Own Shed

  • Easy Terms- No credit required.

  • Conveniently placed on your property where you can access it any time you want!

  • Rent it for several years and own it for a lifetime!

  • Choose the style and size you want and the colors you love!!

  • First and last month’s rent and a security deposit gets a shed delivered to you!!

  • Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

  • A month to month contract that renews when you make your monthly payment. If you decide you don’t need it anymore you can return it with no penalties and your credit will not be damaged.

  • Make 36 on-time payments and the shed is yours free and clear!!!

Disadvantages of a Typical Storage Unit

  • You will never own it even if you rent it for a lifetime.

  • No personalized units, you have to take what is available.

  • Could be several miles away across town.

  • Limited hours to access your unit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rent to Own Sheds

There is no interest rate so to speak. This is simply a monthly payment that when completed allows you to own the building you have been renting!!!

Yes, you will end up paying more than the cash price for the building, but it does spread it over a period of time and there is a discount for paying off early.

At any time you may complete your payments during the rental period. You simply pay 55% of the remaining contract balance.

12x20 Cottage Shed for sale in Clayton WA