Professional Site Preparation for Your Shed

Your Hassle-Free Option!

A gravel pad provides a consistent base that gives the floor of the shed support at all places. Sometimes blocking is used to support a shed but this leaves pressure points and the shed will settle more quickly. We build the pad 1’ bigger than the shed all the way around, for example, a 10’x16’ shed would get a 12’x18’ pad.

Our site prep quote includes:

  • Correcting grade change of up to 8” (ask for a quote if grade slopes more than 8”)
  • We deliver the gravel
  • We bring a bobcat to grade the dirt
  • Laser level the gravel
  • Compact the gravel
  • Guarantee a level shed when we deliver!
Block Retaining Wall Shed Pad Site Prep Sturdy Built Sheds Clayton WA

Basic Gravel Shed Pad

Timber Edge Shed Pad

Block Retaining Wall Shed Pad

The integrity of your new shed will depend on the quality of the base provided for it.

We offer a free 3 yr. warranty extension with the purchase of our shed site prep giving you a 10 year warranty on your new shed.