By profession, I am a professional researcher. If someone needs something, or someone found, I find it/them. Before I contacted Jeff at the Clayton, WA office, I had done months of research on all of the different companies. I studied the construction of many sheds at these companies. I read all of their reviews and went online looking for reviews away from their websites.
In view of all the information I collected on many shed builders, Sturdy Built Sheds was my choice. There were many phone calls that went back and forth between Jeff and I; mostly I called Jeff. He patiently answered all of the questions I asked. Also, I was quite specific about what I needed in a shed as it would be converted into a house for my retired show cats. I chose the Belgian Carriage because it is elegant appearance, and the slant of the roof would allow our heavy snows to slide off the roof. In addition, the sloping front eaves will give me protection from the weather while entering my building. Jeff also accommodated my request to have an opening cut into a wall for placement of a through-the-wall air conditioner. Not only was the opening cut, but Sturdy Built also nicely framed the opening and provided wooden pieces to finish framing the opening…painted to match my trim! That was a wonderful, thoughtful gift!
Finally, my shed arrived. I was so excited! It had been a three month wait, but Jeff made me fully aware of the lead time before I placed my order. I didn’t mind the wait given the quality of the build! Aaron expertly navigated our long, steep, drive cut through the forest. Placing the shed took some time and finessing because I have a mountain view, and a meadow view, both in opposite directions, that I did not want to lose. Aaron was very patient with me and determined to precisely place the shed so that both views were unobstructed. Several times, Aaron had me go into my house to keep an eye on both views as he inched my shed this way and that. After the shed was placed, Aaron made sure the shed was level on the gravel pad that was put into place a few days before the shed was to arrive.
Neighboring farmers have come to look at my beautiful Belgian Carriage style shed, and to inspect the construction technique. Everyone is impressed with how well built and strong my shed turned out. I said, ‘Of course, guys, it’s Sturdy Built!!
I have sent exterior and interior pictures of my beautiful Belgian Carriage style shed all over the United States and even to friends in Norway. Everyone has applauded the attention to detail in the interior, and everyone absolutely loves the exterior!
After we get my shed outfitted with electric and plumbing, my cats will move into their new home. I don’t like referring to this beautiful 14×8 building as a shed. No. She’s much too elegant and Sturdy Built to hang the word, ‘shed’ on her. Once she is complete and my former show cats are in residence, I will have a sign made for her to designate her as Storybook Mountain Ranch Cattery.
Jeff, Aaron, and to those who built my beautiful Belgian Carriage future Cattery, I am grateful, and on behalf of:
Tonka Truck
We all say a huge and grateful THANK YOU!!!
Annie Davenport
Malo, Washington